Rosko Lewis

​There are thousands of voiceover artists and voice actors in the world today, but not all of them can claim to be professionals. Good intonation and a natural and relaxed sound comes from a clear understanding of the brief and this is an aspect of Rosko's work that he works hard at.

British voiceover Rosko Lewis can provide you with a voiceover for just about anything. Apart from the voice of a lady; but he'll gladly give it a go... Explainer videos (Teabag Studios, The Cuillin Collective, FLIKLI) apps (Carry Me Home - The Ultimate Party Game, iBootcamp) video games (Orc: Vengeance, Novus Aeterno) and a gazillion other voice jobs across a gazillion different mediums have featured Rosko's voice.


Rosko is as proficient at narrating a corporate documentary as he is voicing a 250 foot, fire breathing dragon. His endless versatility, accents and bottomless pit of characters is why he is a chosen voiceover by producers around the world to provide voice to multimedia of all types. Voiceover for apps, video games, audio books, explainer videos. You name it.

Take a listen and watch the collection of work on this page to get a sense of Rosko's versatility and skill as a voiceover artist.

Rosko can provide you voiceover services for Explainer Videos, Apps, Computer and Video Games, RPGs, TV Commercials and Adverts, Narration, Audiobooks, IVR, Radio Advertisements,Commercials, TV, Radio, Animation, Corporate projects and more... He can also nail a few impersonations and although a British voiceover, he has worked in numerous accents including American and Australian. But if you fancy a laugh, ask him for his Welsh accent... It's rubbish!